Great friends

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Friends from the first hostel in Bangkok helped to salvage my trip to Chiang Mai.  Read moreImage


Why Travel?

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When you tell people that you plan to go live in a foreign country, they tend to get a strange look on their face.  It is the look of shock, fear, jealously and ultimately the “your crazy” look.  

I always wonder why people have these mostly negative emotions towards the idea of living in a foreign country. To me, there is nothing like being overwhelmed by a totally new environment; knowing that there is no turning back.  Your only choice is to figure it out; it is the ultimate high.  

There is no calling for help or just going home, you have to figure it out and that is the best part about it.  It is an experience like no other and once you settle into your new life the adventure truly begins.  

When the initiatial culture shock wears off, you are left to find some friends and truly experience life from a local stand point. In my experience in Japan, I made some amazing friends who were so excited to show me what their life was truly about and wanted me to experience the best of everything.  I participated in festivals, birthdays, national celebrations and to everyone’s dismay a natural disaster.

Even in the face of an earthquake, tsunami, and potential nuclear meltdown I received the ultimate hospitality.  People offered me rides away from the beach in their cars, and a friend of a friends family took us in, kept us warm, feed us and made sure that no one was sober enough to have to worry about the constant rattling going on around us.  

Knowing the pride people have in showing you their homeland, the rushes you get from knowing their is no turning back and the lifetime of stories and experiences you can gain from living abroad, I often have to wonder; why not go live in a foreign country.  

Raising money for St. Jude

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Tau Kappa Epsilon of Towson University hosts a week long crusade to raise money for St. Jude medical research.  Read more>>